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The primary concern for Best School for NDA Preparation. Perhaps the most prominent military institution in the country, the National Defence Academy (NDA) is the Joint Services academy where cadets are trained for all three major services namely the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. It is located in Khadakvasla, Pune, Mumbai. NDA exam is the toughest exam to clear out but it gives you the chance to join the Indian armed forces as a high-rank officer.

The National Defence Academy (NDA) is the joint defence service training institute of the Indian Armed Forces, where cadets of the three services i.e. the Indian Army, the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force train together before they go on to their respective service academy for further pre-commission training.

NDA exam is one of the toughest in the country. For healthy preparation, candidates must start their preparation at the school level. Navjeevan CBSE School prepares students for NDA and is one of the best schools for NDA preparation in Sikar.

Best School for NDA Preparation Provides:-

  • Clear and shared focus: When we get to know and share our focus, everyone related with the aim is delicate to work harder. The expectation for the aim makes the difference between performing well or poorly.
  • Competitive Environment: Competition in the NDA exam is at its peak and to be familiar with the competition students need a challenging environment. Schools that prepare for NDA provide such an environment. The students aim for the same goal and are eager to perform better every time. This creates confidence and a fighting spirit in students.
  • Developing Mentality: Teachers in schools for NDA preparation are mostly from a defence background. They bring up a change in the personality and mentality of an individual. The mental state of the individual is practical now and is more focused on the goal.
  • Achieving excellence in subjects: When a student is preparing for NDA it is a must to clear all topics and his/her doubts. Schools that provide NDA coaching rely on this. The most important is that students do not carry any queries in mind. The clearance strategy always helps in healthy learning.

Navjeevan CBSE School provides integrated NDA coaching with Navjeevan Defence Academy. Both the school and academy have tremendous results. Navjeevan Defence Academy has the highest selection ratio in Shekhawati region after its origin. 100% faculties here are from defence backgrounds and have expertise in their subjects which makes it the best school for NDA preparation.

best school for nda preparation

Why choose NDA as a Career?

The National Defence Academy is the best and the only tri-service academy in the world. The cadets have prestigious chances of studying and training in the academy. First of all undergo an all India entrance examination, and the ones who qualify undergo a five-day interview process conducted by the Services Selection Boards all over India.

The benefits of joining NDA are stated below-

  1. You get trained by Best Academy ever for Serving your country.
  2. Many Co-Curricular activities are held or you learn like Horse Riding, Swimming, and various types of sports activities.
  3. Free sports facilities include world-class swimming pools, a gym, football grounds, hockey fields, basketball volleyball, squash courts, golf, tennis, boxing ring, and so on.
  4. Free accommodation. You don’t pay anything to the NDA.
  5. Access to a prestigious institute, and a jaw-dropping alumni network.

To get access to an esteemed institute like NDA you need quality preparation. You do not get many attempts so, you need to prepare in advance. Navjeevan Science Group, Sikar has its unit Navjeevan Defence Academy which provides quality NDA coaching. Also, it has an integrated schooling facility with its co-units Navjeevan CBSE School and Navjeevan RBSE School. Both the schools are recognized as the best school for NDA preparation.

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