Navjeevan CBSE Academy: One of the Top 10 CBSE Schools of India

Are you searching for the Top 10 CBSE schools in India in 2022? If “yes” then your search ends here. Navjeevan CBSE Academy is one of the top 10 CBSE Schools of India.
Plan and prepare to give your child the best Indian education offered by the best CBSE school in India. For a successful career for a child, school plays a crucial role. Every parent wants their child to give the best of it. Sometimes they are misguided for some reason. We will let you know what facilities Navjeevan CBSE Academy provides so it became one of the top 10 CBSE schools of India.

Navjeevan CBSE Academy: Ranked first in the top 10 CBSE Schools of India

The school prepares students to face, fight and overcome the challenges they face. The academy brings out the spark of ability in students. The academy ignites the power of zeal in the young minds to convert them into intellectuals. The aim of the school is to set up a strong foundation for the upcoming generation and make youth competitively strong enough to survive in the competitive world.

Why Navjeevan is in the list of top 10 CBSE schools of India

Experienced Faculties

Experienced faculties engage students with in-hand learning. Also, it develops their interest in the subject. It also insight into their own skills, interests, passions, and values. Teachers influence them to recognize their self-esteem and boost their self-confidence. The faculties at Navjeevan are highly-experienced and also subject experts.

Producing Competitive Spirit

The Academy believes that it is a must for an individual to have a competitive spirit in them. Those who fail to compete also fail to succeed. The academy keeps on organizing various activities to produce a competitive spirit. The Academy organizes various activities like Annual Sports Meet, Debates, Drawing Competitions, Cultural Programs, etc. in a healthy competitive way.

Co-curricular Activities

With academic learning, it is also important to engage students in co-curricular activities. Participation in such activities aids a student’s social skill development, emotional development, and overall personality development. The school keeps on organizing such activities. Also, with it, the school encourages students to participate in various olympiads held. The school prepares students for free for CLAT, International Olympiad of English, MTSE, etc.

Hostel Facility

The hostel rooms are technically designed to suit the students’ requirements for quality learning. There are no compromises in the quality and standards of the living space and also in the facilities provided. The hostel facility helps the students in utilizing their valuable time for studies and revisions during their tenure.

Career Objective

The school deals with career opportunities for students. Such as, some students aim to be in IITs, or some dream to join defense services. Navjeevan provides them integrated schooling program with its co-units like Kautilya IIT Academy and Navjeevan Defence Academy. It helps them in giving their preparations an early start.

About Navjeevan CBSE Academy

Navjeevan CBSE Academy is a co-educational day boarding school. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education. Along with academics, it provides an opportunity for both boys and girls to get skillful and explore well in various activities. The academy has an aim of providing quality education and has succeeded in doing so. The institute started with a small existence and limited resources. It developed into a reputed and well-known educational institute today.
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