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About Navjeevan CBSE Academy

Saying Best CBSE School in Sikar means the one that provides learners the capabilities to become economically productive, and contribute to peaceful and democratic societies. Education is the weapon one can use to overcome any challenge. It enables one to think beyond books and reach for expression. Navjeevan Science Schools (CBSE and RBSE SCHOOL) keep the motto of preparing the students according to the demand of the present era. The foundation stone of this largely expanded group was laid by Mr. Shankar Lal Bagariya, a man of admirable ambition and passion, in 2007. Gradually this tree gets nourished and spreads its branches in the field of education, becoming an ideal for the best CBSE school in Sikar.

Navjeevan Academy Senior Secondary School is being run by Navjeevan Education Group Sikar. It is a co-educational day boarding school, affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Along with academics we provide opportunity to both boys and girls to be skilled and explore well by various activities. Team of experienced teachers do work hard with students and help them to secure good grades in examination.

A series of fabulous achievements in both academic and co-curricular areas made this institute one of the best educational institute not only in Sikar but in whole India. Began with a small existence and limited resources, the institute developed into a reputed and well known educational institute. And today came the strength of thousands of students.

If a child can’t learn the way we teach,
Maybe we should teach the way they learn. 

Mr. Shankar Lal Bagria— Director, Navjeevan Science Group

Triumphs and Obligations which make Navjeeevan Best CBSE School in Sikar

Navjeevan CBSE Academy  at a Glance.

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Ranked #1 in State in Quality Education

We aim to create a student-centered education system. Teacher, student, and curriculum are three angles of the education triangle. The student is the most important among them.

We target to develop the all-around personality of students making education updated not entirely leaving the traditional values. Our motto is to strengthen each student’s personality by adding g skills and confidence. We focus on how to bring out the inner potential and capabilities of students.

Vision of the School:

We ensure to prepare our students to face, fight and overcome the challenges in the way of their destination. We mark the tiny sparks of ability in them. Then we take it as a responsibility to transform that spark into huge flames burning with strong determination, tireless efforts, and hard work and spirit to target the goal. We ignite the power of zeal in the young minds to convert them into intellectuals.

The place, where students are #1

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Navjeevan Academy- Senior Secondary School, Sikar