Decoding Future with Olympiads SOF

Olympiads SOF(Science Olympiad Foundation) are various olympiads organized by SOF on an international level. It is equally important in developing a competitive spirit. The aim of the foundation is to promote scientific attitude and temperament. Also, it develops better reasoning and thinking skills. The SOF was founded in 1996 by Mahabir Singh(Director, SOF). Olympiads SOF is affiliated with CBSE, British Council, Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Techfest, and TCS Star Sports.

Various Olympiads SOF organized:

SOF organizes six competitive exams based on six subjects:

  1. International Mathematics Olympiad(IMO)
  2. National Science Olympiad(NSO)
  3. International English Olympiad(IEO)
  4. National Cyber Olympiad(NCO)
  5. International Commerce Olympiad(ICO)
  6. International General Knowledge Olympiad(IGKO)

Registration Process and Eligibility

Students from classes 1 to 12 can apply for SOF Olympiads. There are no minimum marks requirement criteria. It is an open olympiad to which any student can apply.

Registration Process: Students have to register for SOF Olympiads through schools. Also, SOF shares the below details with schools so kindly collect them from the school.

  1. Name/Class of student registering for each exam.
  2. Roll Numbers
  3. Results of each student
  4. Award won by any student
  5. Other required documents.

Registration Fees: Schools in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Nepal pay SOF a registration fee of ₹ 125 (including GST) per student / Olympiad towards the cost of the examination.

Benefits of Olympiads SOF

  1. Olympiad exams enhance the conceptual learning of the student.
  2. Develops problem-solving ability and logical thinking.
  3. An early kickstart for future competitive exams. Increase knowledge of a particular subject.
  4. Take students to national and international platforms.
  5. Sharpen learning and thinking skills and helps to grasp concepts better.

How to prepare for SOF Olympiads?

Although SOF does not refer to any additional syllabus from the school level. Exams are conducted from the syllabus taught in school. But, the questions are trickier and conceptual which require wide thoughts and deep knowledge of the subject. Therefore students should understand every basic concept in an exploring way.

About the Exam

The exam is conducted on two levels


  • It is an objective type test.
  • There is a different exam for different classes.
  • For classes I to IV 40 marks MCOs are there. For classes V to XII 60 marks MCQs are there to be answered in 1 hour.
  • Students have to mark their answers on OMR sheets.


Level-2 is for students who passed Level-1. Every year approx 2,00,000 students give level-1 exam. Only the top 500 students, 10 from each state, and school toppers from schools with more than 10 registration are giving the level-2 exams.

Three school toppers who got more than 50% means 30 out of 60 or more than 30 marks get medals {gold, silver, bronze} and are selected for the second level of the examination.

School registered with SOF in Sikar

In Sikar, Navjeevan Science School is registered with SOF and promotes students to show their skills. The school also conducts special classes for preparing students for the olympiads. The school emphasizes the all-around development of the student. Navjeevan Science School offers an international platform to students and encourages them to show their worth on an international level. It is a unit of Navjeevan Science Group, Sikar which is a well-recognized name in the field of education. Its other units like Kautilya IIT Academy, Navjeevan Defence Academy, Navjeevan CBSE School, Navjeevan RBSE School, etc. are also achieving high.

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