What are Olympiad Exams?

To define, what are olympiad exams? Olympiads are a kind of competitive exam, held across schools, to tap exceptional students with the best of potential, talent, aptitude, and IQ.
The word ‘Olympiad’ is a Greek word meaning a period of four years. The word was initially used for the Olympics. The main aim of the Olympiad exams is to students recognize their educational strengths. The initiative is on a national and international level. The National Level Olympiads are to prepare and select candidates for International Olympiads.

Objectives of Olympiads

The main aim is to enhance conceptual learning. Exploring the extraordinary minds in a particular field or subject. Also, these exams boost an individual academically. The national-level olympiads are organized to find out the sparkling minds and enlighten them more to make a strong team for International Olympiads.

Roots of Olympiads

The earliest olympiad known is International Science Olympiads. To be part of the competition a candidate must qualify for National Science Olympiad, held across the country. Each school in the country has a screening test and selects its best students for the olympiad. Of the best from all over the country, few win the NSO and are selected for ISO. The competition ensures whether a candidate is capable to stand at the international level competition.

Reason for Gaining Popularity

  1. Olympiads train students for future competitive exams in a very effective way.
  2. Qualifying in an olympiad opens the gate for further studies. Many institutions are eager to have such bright students who bring glory to their institute.
  3. The olympiad exams show the true potential and aptitude of the student to the world.
what are olympiad exams

Benefits of Olympiad Exams

  • Some students do not acquire excellence in every subject but can be unique in a single subject. The uniqueness is shuttered thinking it is of no use. Olympiad exams give such students a chance to prove their metal. For eg: The Olympiad of Maths provides students to show their excellence in Maths. Winning small or big olympiads emerges confidence in students. Now, the student is more focused and tries to achieve well in every academic sector.
  • The exam let students recognize their academic and capability skills. Students sometimes do not even know in what they achieve mastery. The very advantage of the olympiad is students adventure their inner abilities.
  • It improves the problem-solving abilities of a student. Olympiads focus on conceptual learning and students get deep inside the topic. This gives their mind innovative and new ideas to solve questions. Indirectly it develops the problem-solving character.
  • The annual performance of students also gets better. The students who participated in or won the olympiads grab more grades. As the students are now not only limited to just reading and learning. The students study a subject very effectively and deeply. This habit gives them the idea of solving and makes them familiar with the subject.

Registration Process

The students may contact the respected authorities of the school to participate. The school authorities provide application forms to students of classes 1 to 12. After registering and paying fees for the olympiad, candidates must take the receipt printout. The admit card and syllabus are provided by the school authorities. Be in touch with the concerned officer.

School in Sikar for preparation of olympiads

Olympiads are the platform for students to show their excellence. Navjeevan Science School always encourages students to such initiatives. Every year the school registers for different olympiads held. The esteemed faculties provide proper guidance to students who are going to participate. Navjeevan Science School is part of Navjeevan Science Group, Sikar. Its other units like Kautilya IIT Academy, Navjeevan Defence Academy, Navjeevan CBSE School, Navjeevan RBSE School, etc. are also achieving high.

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