Questions Parent Should Ask Before They Choose A CBSE School in Sikar

Excited about searching CBSE school in Sikar for your child? You should be aware of some questions which will definitely impact your decision. The good you choose today, the better your child’s future will be. After all, your child will spend the most formative and crucial growth years in the school.
If you are in the middle of evaluating schools and figuring out the best one for your child, you must read this article. You will finish it reading with a clear picture of the best CBSE school in Sikar.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBSE School in Sikar

Q.1 What is the school’s philosophy and vision?

Each school has a common vision to help students reach their full potential. It is of great importance to know how a certain school is implementing this vision. Don’t hesitate to ask about the staff’s philosophy and moral values before choosing a school. After all, you are going to send your child to a place where he/she will lay the foundation of the future.

Navjeevan CBSE Academy shares a very clear vision to equip its students with skills. A balanced blend of values, knowledge, and quest for quality and excellence offered by Navjeevan makes its students future-ready. We believe that each child is potentially capable of excelling with the passage of time. And we aim to give wings to their imagination and let them fly towards a bright future. We are committed to academic excellence and to the well-rounded development of personality. The vision we have at Navjeevan CBSE Academy ensures to gain students lifetime confidence.

Q. 2 What is the school’s actual approach to learning?

The education children get will stay with them throughout their lives. A good school always aims to develop a child for the upcoming future instead of making them a bookworm.
Navjeevan follows the slogan of “Education Without Burden” given by the National Framework Of India- 2005 and the New Education Scheme 2020. Educators at Navjeevan are too concerned to deliver quality education. They don’t just emphasize the IQ ( Intelligence Quotient) but also consider the EQ ( Emotional Quotient) similarly significant. Motivation and focused efforts are the key features of this school. We support stress-free learning.

CBSE School in Sikar

Q. 3 What is the attitude and efficacy of administrative staff and teachers in school.?

Good teachers know how to bring out the best in their students. A teacher is the one who can spot the potential in student and flourish it. Each teacher has their own teaching style and routine.
Teachers at Navjeevan CBSE school know their duties well. They believe in encouraging student-instructor contact. For this, they act in students’ best interest.

Shankar Lal Ji Bagaria, the founder of Navjeevan Science School (Navjeevan Shikshan Sansthan Sen. Sec. School-RBSE) is especially popular for its affectionate nature with students. Many of the hostler students elaborate how he guide and motivate them and they never feel far from home.

All the teachers to have the same positive approach. They are so fair and flexible with their students and never embarrass them even if they make mistakes. By providing them prompt and effective feedback they nicely help them to improve in their lacking areas. Not following the autocratic leadership teachers encourage students’ involvement in the learning process. Affectionate and enhancing behavior of teachers makes the students express themselves properly which is too necessary for the round-the-clock development of a student. School’s administrative members, principal, and all the teachers do their best efforts to make students perform their best in both academics and other areas of learning.

Q. 4 What types of learning experiences are available—in class, on the playing field, in extracurricular activities, in leadership programs, and community service?

We live in an era when making real-world connections to what children learn inside the classroom is becoming very important. Parents and teachers need to ensure that the learning happens outside the textbooks. Developing the children in bookworms would not work in this generation. Children engaged via hands-on activities or experiential learning methods grasp more efficiently. A school should design programs to ensure children see the purpose of their learning by being exposed to the real world. Else it would be a sad commentary on the school if learning were confined to reciting lessons from textbooks and answering questions from the lesson.

CBSE School in Sikar

The team at Navjeevan CBSE Academy realizes this crucial aspect and makes all efforts to provide its students with good learning experiences in classrooms, playgrounds, and other extracurricular activities. The school has managed to conduct around 40 activities to make the students explore the world outside the textbooks. Indoor activities like block building, singing, dancing, and fun with colors give the young brains all opportunities to cater creativity. Students really enjoy and learn participating in these activities.
Teachers at Navjeevan CBSE Academy are concerned to give an outlet for students’ extra energy and curiosity.

To grow them healthy and well-rounded adults we take special care of sports and games. School provides all outdoor and indoor games facilities to its students which keep them fit and healthy. The school has managed a playground for kids having swings, see-saw, slides, tunnels, jungle gym, sandboxes, spring horses, monkey bars, etc. Tiny kids develop many locomotive skills in a playful method. They develop virtues like help, co-operation, and teamwork performing these activities.
Students at Navjeevan CBSE Academy have lots of opportunities to perform their skills other than academics.

Q. 5 How skilled and qualified are the teachers?

Teachers deliver to their students the stuff they have. So it is very necessary for the teachers to be well qualified and skilled. Teachers at Navjeevan CBSE Academy are efficient in their skills and qualification. They are so passionate and skilled to create a conducive learning environment. It facilitates the development of their students while formal training. The thing which makes them different is they promote the curiosity and critical thinking of students. They are the role models and always set good goals for their students. Having fine communication skills and leadership qualities they are always ready to make their students self-sufficient.

Q. 6 How can parents get involved in school life?

Parents play a very important role in their children’s education. Kids learn the best when parents are involved in their education and school. Their education gets proper support from the involvement of parents. So it is crucial to know how a school welcomes you into their community.

Navjeevan CBSE Academy welcomes parents’ involvement in school. Parent-teacher meetings are conducted at regular intervals of time so that parents can be aware of their child’s performance and progress in school. School’s managing unit is always eager to get feedback from parents’ end and work on them. School also manages workshops and seminars for parents. It helps them to understand how their contribution can make education better.

Wrapping up-

These are some of the questions which elaborate on the features of any school. Analyzing a school on the basis of these questions can be a big help in choosing an ideal school for your child. Your search may end at Navjeevan CBSE Academy.

Make a hurry to visit the school campus and experience the culture of a good CBSE school in Sikar.

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