How Playground Activities Impact Child’s Development?

Many aspects come together and build our personality. We can’t ignore the importance of playground activities when talking about the development of a child. When a child is born, he/she is completely dependent on parents, for eg. feeding, social interaction, sleep cycling, etc. The spirit of being self-dependent is aroused in the playground. It makes the children active and enables them to make instant and good decisions.

A good school values the significance of playground activities. It offers endless opportunities for sports and playground outings to its students.

We at Navjeevan CBSE Academy believe in not only the academic performance of a student but also teaching essential life skills, habits, and attitudes that will help them successfully navigate adulthood.
School owns a very big and open playground, a racing track and different courts. . Students get to play under the guidance and supervision of experienced coaches and trainers. Students play different playground sports like volleyball, basketball, cricket, football, etc. Teachers at Navjeevan believe that children pay more attention to academic tasks when they get sufficient opportunities for playground activities. So, basically, our school playground plays a crucial and vital role in the development of students’ mental and physical growth.

We admit that playground Activities enhance children to become socially active and behavioral changes can be seen. It also develops social, physical, and mental skills.

Learning through Playground Activities:-

Playground Activities can’t be performed without play. First of all, it is fun and secondly, various experts and psychological facts proved that it is an essential part of a child’s development.
As John Lubbock said,
“Earth and Sky, Woods and Fields, Lakes and Rivers,
the Mountain and the Sea, are excellent Schoolmasters, and
teach us more than we can ever learn from Books.”
Playground Activities make the child more curious and develop many skills like coordination, motor skills, cognitive ability, social awareness, and language.

Physical Benefits of Playground Activities:-

As far as skill development, physical activity also develops a child’s physical strength. It is like a workout for them and also CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends 60 minutes of daily physical activity. It encourages the children to remain active. Some of the physical benefits are:

  • Improves flexibility and & balance
  • Development of hand-eye coordination
  • Learning how to control their movement
  • Healthy heart and lung functioning
  • Strong muscles
  • Low risk of obesity and diabetes

Social Development through Playground Activities:-

Social development is a balanced set of social skills and learning adaptive behaviors that enables an individual to interact well with other people, react positively and avoid behavior that has negative consequences. Participation in playground activities helps a child’s social-behavioral development, which is necessary for their compatibility with the world around them. It moves them towards socially acceptable and desirable criteria. It also helps them to overcome Shyness and accept diversity as they meet children of all ages and backgrounds.

Emotional Impact of Playground Activities:- Playground Activities help children learn to deal with their emotions and reduce stress levels. These kinds of activities boost up their confidence and make them able to face challenges in a healthy way. The greatest advantage is that children learn how to enjoy the victory and how to accept the loss

How to encourage Children for Playground Activities

Small Start:- Plan a home that has a little backyard so the child could be in touch with nature and gets encouraged for outdoor activities.
Make it a Family Affair:- Try to establish outdoor activities as family bonding time. Manage a calendar with family and explore various parks nearby.

Choose a good school for your child:

Send your child to a school where he/she gets lots of opportunities for playground activities. Also, have a look at the school playground and ensure the safety of your child. Navjeevan CBSE Academy takes special care of this aspect and allows its students to explore the playgrounds.

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